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Achieve your unfair advantage with DealerKi 2.0.

Here's just a few ways how we fuel our dealers' success:

Live BDC

Our US-based Live BDC will answer all incoming calls and set hard appointments with your leads, driving every customer in the door. Our BDC has an average appointment setting ratio over 70%, making sure that we drive a majority of people who interact with your campaign into the dealership!

Digital Dashboard

Imagine seeing every aspect of your campaign, from inbound call counts and recordings, inbound SMS messages, all information from every lead, all digital advertising data, and even more. Now stop imagining, because we've packaged it all together into one easy dashboard that's accessible anywhere!

Lead Verification

As the home of iVerify technology, we pride ourselves in having the cleanest data; we've paired up with Equifax® to know everything about your customers before they come in the showroom. From credit scores, income, current trade information, ethnicity, political party, and even a satellite image of their home address!

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

If there's anything we can absolutely guarantee, it's that your customers all pool in one place: social media. We capitalize on this by utilizing targeted geofencing and our Voice Command Technology to bring in market shoppers straight to you!

And even more. Schedule your test drive to see a live event!

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