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Targeted Direct Email Campaign

Hit your database with an email tailored to your specific campaign.

Our highly targeted email campaigns give your customers everything they would receive on a mail piece but at their fingertips instantly! Filled with variable data, we let your customer know their vehicle is in high demand. Engage your customers by giving them a chance to participate in your prize giveaway as well!

Variable Customer Data

Let us clean and equity mine your database to create a personalized message to your customers to drive quality traffic into your dealership.

Web Lead Capturing Microsite

Not sure who actually responded to your messaging? We do. With quick and easy lead capturing micro-sites like the one shown here, we easily grab the customers name, phone, email, and buy-time on purchasing a new vehicle.

Unique Pull Tab Game with Personalized Customer PIN Number

Entice your prospects and improve your ESI score by inviting them in to spin and win utilizing DealerKi 2.0. We can track and verify every winner that comes in to spin at your event!

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