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Campaigns to fit every occasion.

All built to do one thing: drive quality traffic.

Get the most bang for your buck with your Co-Op/Compliance funds this month.


We have built a strong reputation with every brand across America to ensure our client's are within their manufacturer's guidelines to ensure there are no lost funds in your advertising budget this year. All pieces designed are 100% co-op/compliance approvable. Let us handle
everything for you!

Just a few of the options we recommend for success:

The classic bifold has proven time and time again to be at the forefront of foot traffic in car dealerships across America. In combination with DealerKi 2.0, we turn this timeless classic into a highly-targeted direct mail piece that taps your customer eight times to get them in the door. Combined with our custom-designed Pull Tab game, the showroom will be roaring
with excitement!

11x17 Jumbo Bifold
with Pull-Tab Game



This oversized piece stands out in the mailbox due to it's sheer size alone! Get your message across with the largest piece of mail USPS will let us put in the mailbox. There's no reason you won't make your number this month with a statement this large!

11x14 Jumbo Postcard
with Pull-Tab Game



Low on pre-owned inventory this month? Want to target your database or help it grow even further? This is your bread and butter. We will give the customer a personalized trade offer through Black Book® or Kelley Blue Book® as well as variable subtract the customer's trade from your hand-selected vehicle options! Let our Live BDC take care of the appointments, and watch the buyers practically run into the showroom!

8.5x14 Targeted Buyback Letter with Handwritten 8.5x11 Letter and Custom 9x12 Jumbo Envelope



6x9 Service Postcard
with Scratch Off



Is your service department drier than the Sahara this month? Service goal seem impossible to meet? Reach out to all your potential customers in the area with personal service offers. Add a custom scratch off game to give them even more of a reason to get their vehicle serviced at your store!

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