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Direct Mail Dominance

Target interested prospects with attention-grabbing mail pieces designed to drive qualified buyers into your dealership.

Results that Drive Success

Total Cars Sold


Leads Generated


Mail Piece Qty


Driving Digital Success

Let us strategically promote your dealership across the digital landscape, from social media to custom video emails, making digital marketing effortless. Discover the power of a multi-channel presence, ensuring your ads reach every corner of your market share, driving a consistent flow of highly qualified buyers!


Facebook and Instagram
Sales Events

Find More Buyers through Social Media

Engage your customers through dynamic digital campaigns on social media. Our 22-agent Live BDC answers all messages and sets customer appointments, freeing you to focus on selling more cars. Harness the power of social media and supercharge your sales!


Avg. Ad Spend


Avg. Leads Generated


Avg. Appointments Set


Complete & Total Co-Op Utilization

We have built a strong reputation with every brand across America to ensure our client's are within their manufacturer's guidelines to ensure there are no lost funds in your advertising budget this year. All mail pieces are 100% co-op & compliance approvable!


Custom Created
TikTok Marketing

Find More Buyers through Social Media

Our TikTok advertising solutions are strategically crafted to captivate this vast audience and guide them directly to your sales team. With remarkable view rates and a proven track record of turning viewers into buyers, it's time to harness TikTok's dynamic potential to boost your car sales like never before. Paxton Marketing takes your automotive marketing to the next level.

Avg. Impressions Generated


Avg. Customer Clickthroughs


Video Messaging

Our custom video ads revolutionize your customer interactions. Delivered directly to your database, these videos offer a unique, interactive experience. Customers can shop directly from their email, thanks to customized CTA's that guide them to your website, social media, our call center, and more. It's a whole new way to connect with your audience!

Highly Knowledgable
22 Agent Live BDC

Our 22-agent Live BDC Center is the driving force behind your dealership's success. With 24/7 availability, they manage inbound and outbound calls, SMS messaging, and even engage with customers on social media. Their extraordinary 77% appointment-setting ratio ensures that you can focus on what you do best — selling cars!

Let Our Team Set the Appointments so You Can Focus on Selling MORE Cars


Email Campaigns

Our customized email campaigns take personalization to the next level. By addressing each customer individually and incorporating details like their name, current vehicle, address, and more, we deliver messages that truly resonate. Your customers receive tailored, engaging content that fosters a strong connection, setting the stage for increased sales and happy customers!

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