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Facebook Sales Events

Target your market where you know they'll see you.

Our turn-key Facebook Sales Events are the fastest way to get leads into your showroom. Let our live BDC agents chat with your market and set hard appointments to come into your showroom and discuss one thing: buying that next vehicle! Customers will be flooding into the showroom to take advantage of your limited time sale and will do whatever it takes to come in and get into that new vehicle!


Our in-house, live BDC agents work 7 days a week to personally answer each lead and set hard appointments. Backed with industry knowledge, our team will capture the most customers in your market space. 

Live BDC

Built with a lite version of DealerKi 2.0's dashboard, we offer full transparency so you can view appointments and metrics in real time. Lead alerts will ensure no opportunity is missed.

Dashboard Reporting

Get the most bang for your buck with your Co-Op funds this month.


We have built a strong reputation with every brand across America to ensure our client's are within their manufacturer's criteria and design to ensure there are no lost funds in your advertising budget this year. All pieces designed are 100% co-op approvable. We will handle everything for you!

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